Spring ISD campuses celebrate the holiday season with Grandparents Day and Family Feast Day


Elementary schools across Spring ISD were filled with families and students this week kicking off the holiday season with both Family Feast Day and Grandparents Day.

Smith, Thompson and Jenkins elementary schools all held Grandparents Day on Thursday, where grandparents were able to participate in a sitdown meal with students throughout the school day.

“My daughter told me to come out and eat lunch with Madison,” said Sean Gerard, grandfather of Jenkins student Madison Walker. “I decided to because I had never done it before. I’m enjoying it!”

Rosie Brooks says she attended Grandparents Day at Jenkins to spend time with both her granddaughter and great-grandson – even if she drove over 40 miles to do so.

“I live in Shepherd, Texas and I took this day off just to come eat with them,” said Brooks. “This event is a great opportunity for parents to get together to meet and greet. It’s also a chance for the kids to get together and eat some good food.”

Over at Burchett Elementary, the school hosted a combined Grandparents and Family Feast Day, where there was a huge turnout of support.

“It’s important for the parents to see that their school is a good environment for them and their kids,” said parent Marcelino Dedios. “It gives the students confidence and helps them feel more comfortable in school. I think it would be great for the school to keep hosting events like this.”

Beneke, Reynolds and Ponderosa elementary schools also hosted Family Feast Day. One highlight at Reynolds was when a real armadillo – the school’s mascot – showed up on the campus.

“I think this event is awesome, and for the kids who don’t have grandparents, I’m glad they let the parents come,” said Valerie Sankey, a parent at Burchett. “That way, the children don’t feel left out. I appreciate the support of the school, teachers, and staff, [and] it’s great to see everyone come together. We have a lot to be thankful for.”

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