Central Support Staff Members Recognized for Contributions to Spring ISD’s Culture and Mission


Spring ISD held the second Central Support Staff Meetings of the 2019-20 school year on Wednesday at the Spring ISD Community Engagement Center and the district’s Transportation Center. The meetings covered a range of topics, beginning with an update from Superintendent Dr. Rodney E. Watson on the district’s partnership with The Holdsworth Center to strengthen the district’s leadership pipeline.

One of the early impacts of that work, Watson said, has been a renewed focus on developing a strong shared district culture – one that supports both the district’s overall mission and individual employee growth.

“We all need each other,” Watson said, standing alongside senior district leaders as he addressed staff members. “I’m committed to continually moving this organization to be at the level that we are proud of, as compared to other districts in our region and the state. But we alone can’t do it. We need each and every one of you.”

During the meetings, the superintendent recognized individual staff members for their contributions to the district’s work and culture of service excellence.

  • Tiffany Williams, Curriculum & Instruction, was recognized for modeling the district’s Springway values in her work as Director of Advanced Academics. In addition to building partnerships to help Gifted and Talented students grow and excel, Williams was praised for putting students’ needs first and fostering a culture of teamwork and high expectations.
  • Cynthia Bundage, Curriculum & Instruction, was recognized for supporting her team and adding value while adapting to her new role as Coordinator of Student Assessment. Watson thanked Bundage for consistently modeling a growth mindset, as well as for her commitment to ensuring both teacher growth and student success.
  • Brenda Dorado, Human Resources, was thanked for her dedicated work as Human Capital and Accountability Specialist, and in particular for her tireless support of the district’s Substitute Services team. “She exemplifies that you don’t need a leadership title in order to be an effective leader,” Watson said.
  • Tameka Atlee, Curriculum & Instruction, was singled out for her contributions as High School Mathematics Specialist. The superintendent said Atlee “consistently models a collaborative and team-based approach to helping teachers and students achieve their best.”
  • Hugo Duarte, Child Nutrition, was recognized for consistently going above and beyond the call of duty as a Lead Driver for Child Nutrition. Specifically, Watson recounted an event during Tropical Storm Imelda, when Duarte navigated flooded streets to make sure food deliveries reached students.
  • Tam Tran, Technology, received recognition for stepping up to resolve technology needs in several Math Innovation Zone classrooms. While continuing his regular districtwide duties, the A/V Specialist completed the project in less than a week, without disrupting instruction time.
  • Britney Prater, Transportation, was praised for her work as a bus attendant. “She knows every stop, every turn, and every student’s PIN number by memory,” Watson said, adding that Prater also had a knack for helping each of her students feel valued and cared for.
  • Sgt. Dwendol Bryant and Cpl. Wayland Edwards, Spring ISD Police Department, were recognized for their response after a student’s bike went missing. “The collaborative effort of these two Spring ISD police officers not only resulted in finding the missing bike, but also provided a positive experience for the student and his family,” Watson said. “They served the district and the community with professionalism and compassion.”

In addition to reviewing key employee feedback from the recent Holdsworth Center survey and discussing Spring ISD board goals for student academic growth, Watson and cabinet members also provided staff with updates on Bond projects, attendance and discipline data, the district’s Lift 6 middle school transformation initiative, and an ongoing safety and security charter project helping Spring ISD meet new standards set earlier this year by the Texas Legislature.

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